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We live in a beautiful part of the world, and even in the heart of the city we have jewels of urban bushland we must preserve.

I am dedicated to conserving these special areas in our community, and to supporting the enhancement of our environment through tree plantings wherever possible.

These are important measures we can adopt locally to help cool and beautify our community.

A great example is the reconfiguration of the Peters Place reserve in Morley, where the State and local governments have worked together to transform a tired old stormwater drain into a new wetland feature. It will continue to protect local homes from flood, while providing a habitat for local animals and a vastly more pleasant local park!

Since 2017 the McGowan Government has:

  •  Introduced a Plan for Our Parks to increase the conservation estate by 20 per cent by 2023-24, by creating five million hectares of new national and marine parks.
  •  Invested in Aboriginal Ranger programs across Western Australia.
  •  Banned the use of light-weight, single use plastic bags.
  •  Brought back the Container Deposit Scheme for local charities to raise money by recycling used bottles and cans.